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Topstore - Euro Containers

Topstore Euro Containers

Robust grey plastic containers that can interstack modularly with various sizes.
  • Ideal for protective storage during transportation of goods.
  • Lids and dollies can be supplied separately.
  • All containers and accessories are manufactured from high-density food grade polypropylene which has a temperature resistance from -5°C to +70°C.

Sold in Pack Quantities:

  • E3212-11/10: Pack of 10
  • E4312-11/5: Pack of 5
  • E4317-11/5: Pack of5
  • E4322-11/5: Pack of 5
  • E4332-11/5: Pack of 5
  • E6412-11/2: Pack of 2
  • E6415-11/2: Pack of 2
  • E6417-11/2 Pack of 2
  • E6420-11/2: Pack of 2
  • E6427-11/2: Pack of 2
  • E6432-11: Singles
  • E6440-11: Singles



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Price: £20.94
SKU Capacity External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Product Price
E3212-11/10 10Kg L300 x W200 x H120mm L260 x W160 x H110mm 5 ltr £57.90 +VAT
E4312-11/5 15Kg L400 x W300 x H120mm L356 x W256 x H110mm 10 ltr £45.00 +VAT
E4317-11/5 15Kg L400 x W300 x H170mm L356 x W256 x H160mm 15 ltr £50.05 +VAT
E4322-11/5 20Kg L400 x W300 x H220mm L356 x W256 x H211mm 20 ltr £61.35 +VAT
E4332-11/5 20Kg L400 x W300 x H320mm L356 x W256 x H297mm 30 ltr £92.00 +VAT
E6412-11/2 20Kg L600 x W400 x H120mm L555 x W358 x H105mm 22 ltr £27.80 +VAT
E6415-11/2 25Kg L600 x W400 x H150mm L560 x W365 x H138mm 27 ltr £28.00 +VAT
E6417-11/2 25Kg L600 x W400 x H170mm L560 x W360 x H157mm 30 ltr £32.70 +VAT
E6420-11/2 25Kg L600 x W400 x H200mm L552 x W353 x H185mm 40 ltr £32.80 +VAT
E6427-11/2 25Kg L600 x W400 x H270mm L560 x W358 x H257mm 52 ltr £36.00 +VAT
E6432-11 25Kg L600 x W400 x H320mm L552 x W353 x H304mm 60 ltr £20.94 +VAT
E6440-11 25Kg L600 x W400 x H400mm L550 x W355 x H395mm 76 ltr £28.50 +VAT

Topstore - Euro Containers